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 Bollinger County Missouri Probate Records:

We also do free lookups. If documents are found for these lookups, copies of the original documentation can be purchased from the Archives Office for $10.00 per copy which includes the cost of mailing them to you. If you would like to pick up copies instead of having them mailed, you will receive a discount on the mailing cost. Research and Documenting is done for a fee of $10.00 per hour.

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Probate Names:

Bangert, Robert
Barber, Gilla S. H.
Barber, James
Barber, James D.
Barber, Samuel C.
Baremore, Leo E.
Barker, George Thomas
Barker, John W.
Barker, John W.
Barks, Burette
Barks, Emily L.
Barks, Ephram
Barks, George
Barks, George W.
Barks, Ira E.
Barks, Jacob
Barks, Jefferson
Barks, Jesse H.
Barks, John Burlen
Barks, John Burlen
Barks, John F.
Barks, John F.
Barks, Leo
Barks, Lucinda
Barks, Mary Emily
Barks, Mathias
Barks, Minnie A.
Barks, Minnie A.
Barks, Ruth I.
Barks, Sarah L.
Barks, Theola F/k/a Theola Brown
Barks, Thomas
Barks, Tom J.
Barks, William
Barr, Bob
Barr, Joseph Samuel
Barrett, Albert M.
Barrett, Charles
Barrett, Maxine
Barrett, S. L.
Barrett, W. A.
Bartlett, Harmon Kenneth
Bartlett, Harmon Kenneth
Basket, Muriel M.
Basket, Peter H.
Baugher, Dallas D.
Baughn, Betty J.
Baughn, Estil Ray
Baur, Roy E.
Bazzell, Lowell

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