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 Bollinger County Missouri Probate Records:

We also do free lookups. If documents are found for these lookups, copies of the original documentation can be purchased from the Archives Office for $10.00 per copy which includes the cost of mailing them to you. If you would like to pick up copies instead of having them mailed, you will receive a discount on the mailing cost. Research and Documenting is done for a fee of $10.00 per hour.

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Probate Names:

Arnzen, Mary D.
Arnzen, Minnie
Ashbrook, Josephine
Ashby, Shrvetus Ernest
Ashcraft, Vera
Atchison, James W.
Atchison, Mary
Atchison, T. G.
Atchison, Theophilis G.
Atkinson, Alice
Aubuchon, Charles U.
Bach, Earnest A.
Bachman, William H.
Back, Adeline
Back, Ellen
Back, G. C.
Back, Robert E.
Back, Walter D.
Bagbey, J. M.
Bailey, A. B.
Bailey, Cora
Bailey, Dora E.
Bailey, Edward L.
Bailey, John
Bailey, T. H.
Baker, Alvester F.
Baker, Andrew
Baker, Andrew J.
Baker, Carrie A.
Baker, Charles R.
Baker, Edith
Baker, George W.
Baker, H. B.
Baker, Harry
Baker, James
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Lee
Baker, Lucinda
Baker, Mora E.
Baker, Noah
Baker, Paul Dean
Baker, Richard D.
Baker, Sam A.
Baker, Shirley Rice
Baker, Thomas E.
Bales, Douglas Dale
Bangert, Beulah M.
Bangert, Beulah M.
Bangert, Caroline L.
Bangert, O. J.

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