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 Bollinger County Missouri Marriage Records:

We also do free lookups. If documents are found for these lookups, copies of the original documentation can be purchased from the Archives Office for $10.00 per copy which includes the cost of mailing them to you. If you would like to pick up copies instead of having them mailed, you will receive a discount on the mailing cost. Research and Documenting is done for a fee of $10.00 per hour.

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Husband:       First Name    Last Name 

Wife:        First Name    Last Name 

James Z Gowan 24-Sep-46 Amy Cooper
Everett Seabaugh 37742 Plouvier
Clifford H Lincoln 37773 Bradley
James Michael Yount 37956 Rodeheaver
C J Ziegelmeyer A C Broshius
Robert Paul Householder Abby Eileen Myers
Gregory Joseph Stratman Abby Eileen Myers
Jesse D Davenport Ada Dell Proffer
Albert Ginter Ada Abernathy
L Nation Ada Welker
Hallett A Hendrick Ada Francis Reynolds
Daniel J Aldrich Ada W Tallent
Simon Benton Ada Huffman
Robert Collins Ada Nevils
Charley Ford Ada Wells
Early Crader Ada B Fowler
John L Loyd Ada A Walker
Hobart Cato Ada Shipman
John H James Ada M Jones
J E Slinkard Ada Burklow
Perry Shirrell Ada Kennedy
George Winkler Ada E Welker
Claud C Shipman Ada B Myers
John W, Schreiner Ada M Watkins
James P Salyer Ada A Brown
Dureee King Adabelle Surlet
Charley Fish Adaline Finney
Edward Hendrix Adaline Shell
William Liley Addie Gatlin
Eli J Ward Addie Dellinger
Henry Hofstee Adele Hotze
William J Holzum Adele A Elfrink
Elmer J Clippard Adeline Elfrink
J H Chostner Adeline Yount
Irvin VanDeVen Adeline Jansen
Henry Leslie Liley Adell Mira Schwering
Winford Garland Adell Welker
Vernon Clubb Adell Jones
Otis Clubb Adie Rambo
Loyd D McCray Adline Hanners
Monroe Conklin Adline Lewis
August Beussink Adriana Francis Thele
Edward J Debrock Agatha B Tenholder
James L Randolph Agnas Speers
Henry C Jackson Agnes Cook
Edward Henry Nenninger Agnes Christina VanGennip
Charlie Caby Agnes Healey
Charles Peters Agnes Beel
Robert Lutes Agnes Randolph
Andrew Elfrink Agnes Beel

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