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 Bollinger County Missouri Marriage Records:

We also do free lookups. If documents are found for these lookups, copies of the original documentation can be purchased from the Archives Office for $10.00 per copy which includes the cost of mailing them to you. If you would like to pick up copies instead of having them mailed, you will receive a discount on the mailing cost. Research and Documenting is done for a fee of $10.00 per hour.

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Husband:       First Name    Last Name 

Wife:        First Name    Last Name 

Willie Andrew Barnes Rosie L Thompson
Willie Cook Ellan James
Willie R Mouser Edith M Liley
Willie Shylar Inman Laura Ettie Thornbeugh
Willie J Deck, Jr Debra Johnson
Willie Elledge Lena Eaker
Willie O Liley Della Bess
Willie T Phillps Maxie L Fowler
Willie Lemons Ethel Marie Porter
Willie Lee Nanney Betty E Brown
Willie Bagbey Hellen Hardwick
Willie James Myrtle Pittman
Willie Newell Clara Harris
Willie J Deck, Jr Rhonda Jo Bollinger
Willie R Shoemake Girtie Baker
Willie F Schwering Nora Buehler
Willie Smith Lelia Cook
Willie S Speer Mandie E Eaker
Willie Trentham Sadie Abernathy
Willie Lee Stratton Pearl Mildred Eaker
Willie Stroup Effie Robins
Willie Thomas Ward Neva Marion Fletcher
William J Glasener Lottie Pape
William Doggett Esther Gallup
William Booker Bertie McGee
William Limbaugh Nora Kinder
William S Limbaugh Myrtle Stathem
William Ernest Lincoln Blanche Edna Sitze
William Dean Bollinger, Jr Geneva Ann Moyers
William Bollinger Minnie A Moore
William Bollinger Violet Krogmann
William Arthur Lohmeyer Barbara Ann Wright
William D Garland Lillie M Cook
William J Cunningham Neva Musgraves
William Paul Long Shirley Juanita Harmon
William R Driver Mrs Emely A Perkins
William A Looney Eliza Greenwood
William E Peters Melba Young
William Lee Lincoln Mary Bell Moore
William Donald Green Carolyn Faye Green
William A Landewee Glenda M Elfrink
William J Landewee Rosa Beel
PFC William Prater Joy Kae Pickett
William Noal Colp Neoshia Fern Conray
William Lages, Jr Alpha Reck
William Green Carolyn Dailey
William M Green Stella L Dunn
William Charles Conrad Saundra Lynn Gammons
William L Ladd Dora P Crites
William Conder Georgia A Hopkins

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