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 Bollinger County Missouri Marriage Records:

We also do free lookups. If documents are found for these lookups, copies of the original documentation can be purchased from the Archives Office for $10.00 per copy which includes the cost of mailing them to you. If you would like to pick up copies instead of having them mailed, you will receive a discount on the mailing cost. Research and Documenting is done for a fee of $10.00 per hour.

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Husband:       First Name    Last Name 

Wife:        First Name    Last Name 

Alan Urban Stoverink Ramona Sue Huff
Alanson R Butler Alice Lutes
Albert A Brandes Garnet Graves
Albert Graham Mary L Thiele
Albert M Aldrich Celia E Long
Albert James Fulbright Estella Cook
Albert Mouser Dora Sitzes
Albert Bock Dorothy Givens
Albert Nance May Dunn
Albert Cobb Thelma Spain
Albert Latham Zelma Houart
Albert C Peters Marie Landewee
Albert Crites Ruth O Roe
Albert J Massa Gladys P Bates
Albert M Bornemann Nellie Proffer
Albert Cotner Iris Buckingham
Albert Johnson Cora Elledge
Albert J Beussink Hilda Theile
Albert M Allen Nora Devore
Albert Bagbey Mabel Tidwell
Albert Gaines Ca Younger
Albert Gaines Cora Scott
Albert P Crader Virgie Lessley
Albert Ranney McCain Cheryl Lee Allen
Albert Ginter Ada Abernathy
Albert Wayne Norwood Diana Kaye Eaker
Albert J Elfrink Catherine Seesing
Albert Eaton Opal Cline
Albert Bock Frieda Martin
Albert Timothy Daniels Judy Ann James
Albert Frymire Opal Robins
Albert William Arnzen Cynthia Lynn Kimbel
Albert Nelson Skaggs Laura Jane Largent
Albert M Snider Bertha Proffer
Albert White Mae Rogers
Albert C Shetley Mrs Della Yount
Albert Ray White Ellen Mell
Albert Lee Vanamburg Edna Couch Smith
Albert Winchester Pearl Elledge
Albert G Wilson Gladys Scherrer
Alberto Rodriguez Elizabeth Faye Barnhart
Albon E Wagener Lelia Almeda Graham
Ale Cato Betty Croy
Alex Gilliland Bertie Brimer
Alford O Kasten Stella Nanney
Alfred Edwin Nanney Melba Jean Storz
Alfred Glynn Crader Ilene Gladys Klemp
Alfred Nanney Bonnie Welker
Alfred Irwin Eullalie Moore
Alfred Kennedy Lorine Myers

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